Protect Yourself In All Real Estate Transactions

Although we professionalize in Estate Planning, we have had more Real Estate clients seek our help within the last few years. We advised clients and help them strategize for various aspects of real estate transactions. From simple residential sales to complex commercial transactions.

We assist in the:

  • negotiation and preparation of contracts for the sale or purchase of real estate,
  • review of surveys and title documents,
  • preparation of deeds,
  • mortgages and other important documents,
  • closing assistance, if needed.
  • We also advise many clients about landlord-tenant issues (including evictions),
  • easements
  • and other rights effecting real property, including those issues that become contested or involve litigation.
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Why You Should Consider an Attorney for Real Estate?

It's Best To Always Have An Attorney In Place.

Unlike most states, Texas happens to be one that doesn’t require the presence of an attorney in real estate transactions.

Most simple purchasing and leasing of property are easily handled with a real estate agent. In some cases, even simple real estate deals may have disputes that'll lead to many costly lawsuits. it’s best to have an attorney’s assistance to defend or prosecute if such situations were to arise.

If your transaction has more uncertainty and complex issues from the beginning, an attorney can protect your best interest and see through the process to avoid costs that may arise.

An attorney works to protect your best interest because unlike a real estate agent, they are getting paid by commission and we do not. Their interest may be placed above yours.

Attorney Kerrville - Carlson Law Firm - Kerrville, TX

Are You Dealing with Commercial Real Estate?

More Complex The Transaction, The More Legal Protection You'll Need.

Commercial real estate, in general, is always high risk due to the complexity and a lot more money involved in the transaction.

We’ll advise on concerns relating to the environment of the property, structuring the conditions, legal descriptions, negotiation, tax concern, and management for all complex transactions in dealing with commercial real estate.

If you're in the position of the buyer in commercial real estate, getting help would save years of unsolved issues and disputes that may arise.

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We help set the terms and conditions for all your real estate needs.

Whether simple or complex deals are being made. Let us assists you in protecting you best interest.

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