In the state of Texas legal Guardianship is needed when a person is a minor, an elderly adult who is unable to take care of themselves, and those with disabilities or incapacitated who struggle to live a normal life.

The minor, elderly adult, disabled, and incapacitated are known as a "ward".

A Guardian is appointed to take care and make important decisions relating to finances and medical decisions of the ward. It is crucial that the minor, elderly, and those who are disabled find the right Guardian to take care of them.

Because the Guardian is making these types of decisions, it has become an important matter that requires proof and validated document before being granted the title of Guardianship over the ward.

There are two types of Guardianship in the state of Texas "Guardianship of person" and "Guardianship of Estates". You can appoint two different guardians to care for each. Or appoint one person to take care of both.

The process of Guardianship isn't easy and can be a long process due to many various factors involved. You might find yourself weeks and months of searching for a solution. We have the expertise to handle and give you the solutions to your unique case.

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Guardian Of The Person

A Guardian Who Cares For The Wellbeing of Your Loved Ones

When you leave this world, will you leave your loved ones in the hands of someone who will care for their wellbeing?

Finding the right person who feels proud of their role would be a great start.

The person right for this role will be similar to a step-parent or someone they truly care as if your loved ones were their own flesh and blood.

Many questions arise as to whether they will communicate well to your loved ones, care for their education, their social life, psychology, and many more. Just like how a real parent would.

Sometimes a good “Guardian of the person” may not be right for the role of a “Guardian of the estate”, in which cases we recommended to have two separate roles.

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Guardian of The Estates

The Financial Decision Maker

This is the person who will solely be taking care of a ward’s financial decision.

It’s best to choose someone for this role who is willing to work with the “Guardian of the Person” because due to there are financial costs tied to many of the activities associated with the ward’s wellbeing.

Usually, a person can be both. But speak to a professional to see if it fits your situation.

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