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Estate planning requires an understanding about you and where your wants and needs are at. We get to know you first and give you the available options to choose how your plan will be structured. Don't hesitate to reach out and give us a call, we'd be more than happy to hear from you and answer all your questions. Need Some Help To Make Things Easier?

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Estate Planning requires many documents and the paperwork can be overwhelming. We work with you to create a plan that settles issues, transfer assets accordingly, set an executor, avoid court work, and all for peace of mind. We’ll always keep in check to review your plan to make sure it follows the law while working in the way you want.

Helping You Achieve Peace of Mind

You'll know that when you leave this world, your family can continue living their lives without stress or worries. Many families without a proper estate plan are left fighting one another and the court on splitting ownership of a deceased family member. Don't let that be yours. Lift the weight of worry off your back.

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Estate Planning For All Of Hill Country

Do You Have A Plan?

Estate planning in Kerrville Texas is a must have for the security of your family’s wealth here in the hill country.

Death isn’t something we all don’t like to think about, but it is inevitable.

Have you thought about what your family will be left with when you’ve died or left handicap unable to make decisions?

The things you own today, such as your home, properties, vehicles, money, who will raise your minor children, and many more assets, will face court decisions without a proper plan in place. With a plan, we can ease the process of distributing the assets to family members according to your best wishes.

Attorney Kerrville - Carlson Law Firm - Kerrville, TX

Not having a plan is the mistake that a majority of people make. Most believe after they've passed away, their family will peacefully figure everything out on who gets what.

This 100% isn't true.

Without a proper plan, your family will go through long court processes with many family diagreements and conflicts. All this fighting the court and each other for the right to claim ownership of the various property, assets, and persons that you've left behind.

Whether you're wealthy or not, it's best to prepare for whatever happens tomorrow. You want to have clear instructions of the outcome you want to see and distribute your secured assets to your family according to what you think is best.

We serve all of Kerr Country and the Hill Country with estate planning. The plan we help craft can reduce and avoid unnecessary taxes on assets, reduce family confrontation, and follow your direction on distributing assets while complying with the state law.

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Every Texas Resident Should Have The Following Estate Planning Documents

Last Will and Testaement

Your last will and testament you state how your property and assets will be distributed to every family member. If you have children who are minors, you may also state in your will who should be their guardian. attractive factors include reducing court expenses.

Satutory Durable Power Of Attorney

In the case you become incapacitated and no longer able to make decisions, a Satutory Durable Power of Attorney will let you appoint someone (family memeber or an attorney) as an agent who will be making financial decisions on your behalf.

Medical Power Of Attorney

This document will allow you to assign a person, family or friends, to make medical decisions for you. When you become incapacitated and no longer be able to make medical decisions, appoint someone you trust who knows very well of your decisions.

HIPAA Authorization

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It prevents & sets a strict limit on who can view your health records. Even your closest family members cannot view them unless you appoint to authorize a person who can.

Directive to Physicians

With this piece of document, you can direct your physicians to use treatments or not to use treatments to extend your life in an event where you can no longer make decisions. This is based on every individual's values.

Declaration of Guardian

If you have children who are minors, you may appoint a guardian to care for their wellbeing. You may also declare who you do not want to appoint as the guardian of your children. In Texas, you may state this in your Will as well.

We'll help craft the perfect long-term plan for you and your family

Take your mind off worrying and enjoy every second of life. We'll simplify the hard work to get your plan structured the way you want. Your family's wealth and assets will be secured.

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