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Here at Carlson Law Firm, we’re dedicated to using our years of experience and expertise to help clients with estate planning. We focus on building a genuine relationship with clients that'll help craft a plan best for their needs. Estate planning also includes probate, guardianships, trusts, and adoption.

Our approach and everything that we do stems from a Christian standpoint. We're providing our clients' with honest and premium services at a reasonable price.

Many clients come to seek our help when they get to a point where estate planning becomes extremely time-consuming, frustrating and emotionally draining. We make things a lot easier and take out the frustrations.

Although estate planning is our main area of focus, we also represent individuals in legal matters, real estate, and legal business operations.

We want you to get the help that's right for you. We try to understand what you need from the start to see if we can handle your case. If we aren't, then we'd be more than happy to refer you to a specialist who can get you the best results.

Our firm is located in Kerrville, Texas and has been serving Kerr county and neighboring counties that make up the Hill Country since 2001. We’re here to assist and ensure everything gets handled to your benefit.

Stop by and say hi sometimes.

Practice Areas We Can Assist You

Estate Planning

Do you have a plan to direct your will for your family when you die? Everyone should have a plan of where and who their assets will go to in case of death by natural causes or a tragedy. There are many documents and tax paperwork needed that can get quite confusing. Let us smoothen out this process and put your mind at ease.

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Probate and Trust

What happens to the wills and trusts of the person who has passed away? We understand these difficult times and do our best to assist our clients through the post-death process. The process can be simple, but most cases are difficult in complex situations. We’ll ensure all documents are sorted to transfer all assets to beneficiaries.

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We assist with guardianships relating to minors who received property through inheritance, minors with disabilities becoming an adult, and adults who are incapable of taking care of themselves or their finances. We assist clients through the guardianship process from the initial application to the closing to the guardianship.

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Real Estate

Need assistance with everything to do with Real Estates? Whether it’s residential or commercial we can help you with the buying and selling of the Real Estate. We’ll work with you on negotiating and prepare all the necessary contracts, and many other important documents needed to get the process moving quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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Business Organization

Looking to start a new business? Or currently, have a business that needs a hand? We help with many start-ups set their legal documents such as corporations, partnerships, and limited liability. We also help current businesses obtain necessary legal documents for certain areas of their operation. Our service covers a wide range of industries.

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Looking to adopt a child into the family? Whether you want to adopt the child privately or through a foster care system, we can help ease the entire process from start to finish. Adoption can be quite tricky with many issues arising depending on your certain situations. We help handle any arising issues and ensure that you may add a new person to the family.

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About John W. Carlson

Robert O'Rourke, Sirra Design

John W. Carlson Voted Best Attorney in Kerr County for the last two years .

- The Kerrville Daily Times

Welcome, I'm John W. Carlson, I have been a licensed attorney since May 2000, and I opened my own office in Kerrville, Texas, in March 2001. I am Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

In the beginning, I started my solo practice involuntarily with five active clients and was working out of my apartment. Since that time, I feel blessed and thankful to all our clients who have put their trust and confidence in our services over the years. With that being said, my practice has now grown exponentially to what it is now. Since that time I've managed to put together a staff of four legal assistants and two administrative assistants.

As we continue to grow, we'll never forget our core principles and the approach we took to service our clients that got us here.

My firm works on a fixed hourly rate. Feel assured, by working with us you'll be treated with the understanding and respect that you deserve. Working in areas of specialization I not only pride myself on being thorough, but I do not hesitate to utilize the expertise of my colleagues when needed to ensure that you receive the finest service from my firm.

Since my family and I are natives to the Texas Hill Country, we have a vested interest in the communities and people that surround us. I enjoy serving our area both professionally, and together with my family, we take pleasure in supporting the non-profit organizations that we feel strongly benefit our community.

As you browse this website, please visit some of the businesses and non-profit organizations that we think are worthy of recognition and community assistance in the "legal Links" page.

I appreciate your consideration of my firm and look forward to serving you.

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Kind Words From Clients and Friends

  • I first met John through my work, where he was instrumental in straightening out and finalising one of the most confusing wills and estates trusts to come through Kerr County.  His honesty and integrity shine brightly, while his knowledge and work ethic are a credit to his family, professors and mentors.  Since that first meeting, I have worked with John on several occasions involving work and have also used John's estate services personally. Deborah W.

  • Mr. Carlson was invaluable during the settling of my family’s estate. All the heirs lived outside of Texas. Mr. Carlson managed all the paperwork and proceedings in the local court. My father died with an outdated set of instructions, and Mr. Carlson gave us excellent advice to help remedy this problem. We are thankful for his assistance. Michael

  • One heckuva great Attorney and all around good fellow. Bridgit Giedeman

  • John is very knowledgeable in probate and guardianship matters. I consulted with him on a couple of complex cases (probate and guardianship), I was handling for my own clients and he was so responsive and professional. I strongly endorse this lawyer. Merita Rice